As a physiotherapist, master in health and education and lector at the faculty of physiotherapy - my main focus is on how an alert nerve-system, affects the brain, learning/cognitive skills, connective tissue, sleep and well being. I'm giving lectures to physiotherapist, psychologist, teachers, nurses and everyone who are interested in the science behind stress, how it affects childrens well being, and what we can do about it.

As a physiotherapist my focus is working with interoception - how we feel, and can we feel any thing - in a scientific way. I'm focussing on all the aspects that can alert the nerve-system, make the heart beat faster, breathing more shallow, give the child bowel problems, poor sleep and maybe the child does not want to go to school. All of the aspects that alerts the nerve-system, and affect the well being of the child.

Together with the child and the family, I explain - in a very simple way - how the nerve-system works, how it feels when it's on alert, what the consequences are and what they can do about it.

I have several partners - among others; PsykiatriFonden, Veterancentret, I will Run, Familiepsykologisk praksis and many different groups of physiotherapist; Pediatric, neurological, cancer rehabilitation, sport and manual therapist.
I give lectures, do work shops and courses and work as a mentor.

Furthermore I have written a book "Du skal huske at fodre din søhest" (Remember to feed your seahorse) together with child psychologist Charlotte Bjerregaard.
Together with child-psychologist Charlotte Bjerregaard i give lectures of how stresshormones affects the brain and body, and why the child is unable to learn and cope with life, when  the sympathetic nervous-system is on alert.
We have been key-note speakers at the Tes Sen konference in London twice and several times in Denmark
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