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Mobility - Manuel therapy and exercise.

Since the middle of the 90'th - focus has been on if stretching has affect or not.
let's make it clear;
Passive stretch does not affect;
  • Delayed onset of muscle soreness
  • Performance
  • Prevent injuries
  • Blood Flow
  • Edema 
Pay attention to the word "Passive". We now know that active, dynamic movements will affect ROM - Range of motion - what I call mobility

We also know that there are manuel therapy that can affect ROM - MET/PNF and reciprocal inhibition
Furthermore there are a strong hypothesis that shows a connection between the autonome nervous system - sympathetic activation - and reducede ROM
On this course we will focus on how we can enhance ROM through exercise and manual therapy

We will focus on;
The autonome nervouse system - research shows that there could be connection between enhanced symptathetic nervous system and the sliding between structures in the body

mental health - and how there is a connection between mental health and feeling stiff

The myofascial tissue especially the loose connective tissue and hyaluronic acid - that can act both like glue or oil between tissues in the body
Reflexes; reciprochal inhibition and MET

The autonome nervous system - sympathetic and parasympathetic - affect on ROM
Mental health and how it affects ROM
Fascia - focussing on the loose connective tissue
Myofascial connections
In praxis exercise methodes that can enhance mobility
In praxix manual therapy that can enhance mobility - MET, Reciprochal inhibition and skin rolling/Kiplers
The course is a mix between theory, manuel therapy and exercise therapy

The course is 12 hours
The course is for Physiotherapists and atheletic trainers 
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